Cosmetic breast surgery

Breast Uplift

A breast uplift, also called a mastopexy, is a cosmetic procedure designed to lift breasts if they have begun to droop or sag. The terminology for drooping breasts is called breast ptosis and it is measured by looking at the position of the nipple in relation to the breast and the underlying chest wall.

There are no muscles in the breasts themselves, so over time, many different factors can cause them to lie lower on the chest wall than they once did naturally.

Gravity is the natural enemy of the perky breast and over time skin begins to lose its elasticity and ability to support itself. With gravity in mind, women who have particularly large breasts are more likely to suffer from ptosis compared with those who have moderate or smaller breasts.

Other factors include weight gain and weight loss, which leaves women with excess, looser skin. Pregnancy can also have a negative effect on the breasts, owing to hormonal changes causing the size of the breasts to grow and subside at different times throughout the process.

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Understanding the breast uplift procedure

The operation is undertaken in two broad steps:

  1. Excess skin is identified, incisions are made and the skin is removed from the breast
  2. The remaining breast tissue is remodelled, ensuring the nipple is moved higher

There are many sensitive nerve endings around the nipple and the areola, which can be damaged if the procedure is extensive. Following a mastopexy, some women report a loss of sensitivity or even increased sensitivity. Breastfeeding can also be affected by a breast reduction or uplift.

Another potential complication is asymmetry and I highlight any pre-existing asymmetries before we go ahead. The procedure is then carefully planned to improve symmetry but it is rarely possible to make breasts perfectly symmetrical.

Scarring on the breasts is another unavoidable side effect of this procedure; it can be performed with just an incision around the nipple, but in most cases there will also be an excision extending from the nipple down to the underside of the breast and then laterally along the crease.

I make every effort to minimise scarring as much as possible by combining a high degree of surgical expertise with a post-operative scar regime. It is important to remember that scarring will fade over time but will not completely disappear. I regularly review scarring after every cosmetic breast procedure I perform and at the first sign of abnormal (hypertrophic or keloid) scarring, where the scar tissue becomes red and raised, we can provide topical silicone treatments. We also provide comprehensive aftercare instructions.

Combination approach to breast uplift

Some women who wish to undergo a mastopexy operation will choose to combine this with a breast enlargement, which can be conducted at the same time or as a phased process. The process of lifting the breasts and making them appear fuller and firmer complement each other well and are a popular choice for women who have smaller breasts or who have lost tissue volume from their breasts.

A mastopexy augmentation is a particularly challenging procedure to get a great result but I believe that confidence can be placed in the surgical skills I have developed in my reconstructive work. Fat transfer, or lipofilling, is a huge part of my breast reconstruction work and is becoming increasingly popular for mastopexy patients that require more volume but do not wish to have implants. Often several fat transfer procedures are needed to get the correct amount of volume, but results can be very pleasing and long lasting, with none of the potential complications associated with breast implant surgery.

Any breast uplift patient is always seen twice before surgery – or more if the patient desires. My aim is always to ensure that they are happy, confident and fully informed in terms of the procedure, recovery and outcome.

What my patients say about me

Mr Ramsey performed a breast reduction and abdominoplasty for me in October 2017. Prior to the operation, I had two consultations where the procedure was explained to me clearly and concisely. I was also talked through the possible pitfalls. I am happy to report that I am delighted with the results. The standard of the work is excellent. Obviously, you have scars after such procedures but these are incredibly neat and fading fast.

Mr Ramsey was very professional in the way he dealt with me while also being pleasant to talk to. He put me at my ease right from the start. I had total confidence in his abilities and he has more than lived up to my expectations. I could not recommend him highly enough.

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